My Wife Wont Sleep With Me

August 11, 2010

Is something wrong with me?

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Okay. So, I know she feels desire because she’ll make a comment or two while were watching TV about how hot some guy is and how she would love to jump his bones, however I don’t think she ever feels that desire for me.

I try very hard to go out of my way to help her out during the day, to help with the kids when I can, to touch her leg and hold her hands (which she has told me she likes).

At this point I’m at my whits end. I think I’ll swear off marriage forever. I talk a bit to my friends and I hear the same nonsense, their wives don’t care. On the other hand I do read online what women say, about how they initiate with their men and/or their men can’t keep up with them, so perhaps I just need to find a spouse that is more compatible with my libido.

Back to the title of the thread: What is wrong with me? Do I want too much sex? Why do I feel so angry after not getting sex for a few days? Why do I need her to want me to build my happiness/self-esteem, etc. Man I sound like such a bitch.

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